Commander Rods: A Company Different Than Most

Commander Rods is a company based on partnerships and passion. We, husband and wife team Glen and Belinda Wink, have an exceptional background in the angling industry, especially when it comes to rods.

Our professional background within the industry led us to being sales representatives for an existing rod company. While in our personal lives, we have been and continue to be avid walleye fishermen and outdoors fanatics. We have won several local fishing tournaments and placed well in many others over the years, including winning the 34th Annual Lake Osakis 2-Day Walleye Tournament in 2014 and qualifying for the National Team Walleye Championship in 2001.

Glen and Belinda Wink, owners of Commander Rods, out on the water fishing

Glen and Belinda Wink
Owner / Operators of Commander Rods
Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Fishermen, Outdoor Fanatics

The Cast. The Bite. The Birth of Successful Company.

After years of selling other's rods, we decided it was time to design something to meet anglers' true needs. In 2012 we partnered with walleye pro, Pete Harsh, to design our own line of walleye rods. Our plan was to produce an extremely sensitive, durable, premium rod at an affordable price — meeting the fishing needs of the serious tournament angler, the weekend warrior, and the family going to the cabin. Networking with our existing industry contacts, we were able to establish Commander Rods.

Affordability is a Must.

Committed to our promise of keeping our rods affordable, we have opted for a minimalistic advertising approach — relying on word-of-mouth, social media, sports show events, and local dealers. You won't find us inflating our prices to cover a huge advertising budget, and all that savings is passed directly on to you, the customer.

Involved Owners.

At the end of the day, the rods carrying the Commander Rods name are designed to our specs and tested rigorously by us before entering factory production. Beyond research, development, and selling, we (Glen and Belinda) also take great pride in our customer service. When you call Commander Rods, you will be talking directly to one of us. We want to be as involved as possible in EVERY area of the company.

We want you to spend the most time you can on the water. If you like our products tell your friends!

Pete Harsh holding up a walleye fishing trophy
Pete Harsh holding up a tournament winning walleye
Pete Harsh holding up a large newly caught walleye

Our Development Partner: Pete Harsh "Mr. Tiller"

Legendary Walleye Tournament Angler and Fishing Guide

"Our Commander Rods were developed to deliver extreme sensitivity second to none and the utmost in fatigue free, fish fighting durability. Designed with premium components and materials, the Commander Series of fishing rods out perform competitive rods selling at twice the price. Spend a day using a Commander Rod and I'm sure you will agree. These are the best rods on the market and at a price you can afford."

— Pete Harsh, "Mr. Tiller"

  • FLW Walleye Tour "Angler of the Year"
  • FLW Walleye Tour North Dakota Champion
  • PWT North East Pro/Am Champion
  • PWT Central Pro/Am Champion
  • PWT Midwest Pro/Am Champion
  • PWT Michigan Super Pro Champion
  • Minnesota State Walleye Champion
  • Ranger Cup ""Angler of the Year"
  • PWT "Rookie of the Year"
  • USFA Lake Mille Lacs Walleye Champion
  • WalMart Walleye Classic Champion
  • PWT "Who's Who of Walleye Fishing" Voted #1
  • PWT "Big Fish Award" Record Holder for Most Awards
  • PWT 2-Time "Cool Under Pressure" Award Winner
  • PWT "Heavy Weight Award" Award Winner
  • 13 Time Walleye Tournament Winner
  • One of the Top 5 All-time RCL FLW and PWT Money Winners
  • Full-Time Fishing Guide Devils Lake North Dakota
  • Guiding Since 1981