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Undeniable Specifications

Fuji Guides with black stainless steel frame and aconite inserts that are double wrapped and sealed | Found on Commander Rods

High-end Fuji Guides with black stainless steel frame and alconite inserts that are double wrapped and sealed for better strength and stability for fighting those big trophy fish.

Premium Quality Grade-A Cork. Meaning easier to clean with no substitute mixtures that can cause large pores, crumbling, or deaden sensitivity.

Premium Quality Grade-A Cork | Found on Commander Rods
Sleek, durable, balanced reel seats | Found on Commander Rods

Sleek, durable, balanced reel seats for a nice snug fit; moved forward giving you more cork for your hand and less metal and plastic to hang onto… especially beneficial in colder weather conditions. High modules IM8 quality graphite for extreme sensitivity.

The hook keeper is move up and out of the way so you can put your finger on the blank instead of the wrap, allowing for even more sensitivity.

Hook Keeper | Found on Ca

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Find Your Rod and FEEL THE BITE!

Commander Rods CRS601S Medium Spinning Rod

Rod: CRS601S

6' 1" Medium Spinning Rod 4-12 lb 1/8 to 1/2oz   |   Fast Action

One of the lightest and quickest jigging rods you will find! Our 6'1" jigging rod's performance will put a smile on your face and extra fish in your boat. The versatility of this rod allows it to be used in many presentations, such jig worm as well as vertical jigging.

Commander Rods CRS606S Medium Spinning Rod

Rod: CRS606S

6' 6" Medium Spinning Rod 4-12 lb 1/8 to 1/2oz   |   Fast Action

The 6'6" spinning rod can do it all! Perhaps the best all around spinning rod in the Commander Rods line up: jigging, rigging, crank baiting, bobber fishing and even more (tubes, jig worms, small jerk baits, and wacky worms). This rod has the combined sensitivity and backbone to handle multiple duties and do so with ease. It's destined to be a winner and certainly belongs in every anglers' repertoire.

Commander Rods CRS609C Baitcasting Rod

Rod: CRS609C

6' 9" Baitcasting Rod 6-14 lb 1/4 to 3/4oz   |   Fast Action

Pete Harsh's favorite bait casting rod! Developed and tested to perform well, meeting the rigorous demands of today's multi-species anglers. The unique design of this rod gives you the very best in fish handling ability and sensitivity. Very light in weight, this rod combines a fast action and fatigue free design that few rods can even come close to matching at twice the price. Highly recommended by "MR. TILLER"! Bass fishermen love it for jerk baits, spinner baits, chatter baits, crankbaits, Texas rig, and skirted jigs.

Commander Rods CRS700S Medium Light Spinning Rod

Rod: CRS700S

7' Medium Light Spinning Rod 4-10 lb 1/8 to 3/8oz   |   Moderate Fast Action

Pete Harsh's favorite! The ultimate live bait rod! This rod's sensitivity and versatility must be experienced to believe. Live bait rigging, three ways, light bouncers, bobber fishing, casting, hair jigs, drop shot bait, or small crank baits, this rod does it all!

Commander Rods CRS702S Medium Spinning Rod

Rod: CRS702S

7' 2" Medium Spinning 8-20 lb 3/8 to 1 1/2oz   |   Fast Action

It's an excellent medium spinning rod with its fast action and incredible sensitivity for casting and trolling crank-baits, bottom bouncers, spinning and running three way rigs in a spinning reels platform. You will enjoy catching and playing very large walleye and pike with this rod. A must for your fishing arsenal! Great for bass anglers looking for that extra rod in their arsenal and well balanced with the sensitivity for throwing a variety of plastics with heavier weights (wacky worm, skirted jig, jig worm, Texas rig, heavy tubes, etc.) and also many spinner baits.

Commander Rods CRS710C Medium Baitcasting Rod

Rod: CRS710C

7' 10" Medium Baitcasting Rod 8-20 lb 3/8 to 1 1/2oz   |   Fast Action

Designed for pulling plugs, planer boards, medium to heavier bottom bouncers, this rod will handle a variety of uses. Even throwing large crank baits and lip less crankbaits. It brings a new era of sensitivity and action to rods of this size. Comes in spinning and baitcasting.

Commander Rods CRS609SN Pulse Medium Spinning Rod

Rod: CRS609SN ~ "Pulse"

6' 9" Medium Spinning Rod 6-12 lb 1/8 to 7/8oz   |   Moderate Action

This rod will get your pulse racing because it was developed for using baits for walleye in a snap action retrieve, as well as vertical jigging presentation with jig and minnow. This rod also excels at live bait rigging due to its forgiving Medium Moderate Action. The Pulse is also a good choice for jig worm, Neko rig, Ned rig, chicken rig, spy bait, and drop shot applications for bass. The Pulse even crosses over to the panfish enthusiast as a good choice for float fishing or casting jigs and micro style crank-baits.

Commander Rods CRS710CHN Wicked Medium Heavy Baitcasting Rod

Rod: CRS710CHN ~ "Wicked"

7' 10" Medium Heavy Baitcasting Rod 12-25 lb 3/8 to 1 5/8oz   |   Fast Action

This baitcasting rod is built for power fishing enthusiasts. It is definitely a versatile, "need to own" rod for serious big fish hunters. It can accommodate most casting reels with its large reel seats. Appealing to bass anglers looking for a tool to winch a big fish out of heavy cover. Perfect slop rod, punch rig and for heavy skirted jigs. This rod shines for frogging and jig-flipping tactics. Musky and Pike anglers will definitely enjoy throwing their favorite bucktails, soft plastics, crank-baits, and top water baits with this extremely lightweight rod.

Commander Ice Rods

The Commander Ice Rods by popular demand are new for winter 2019/2020. They come in two fish fighting lengths, 28 and 32 inches. The recoil guides are wrapped with lime green wrap on solid, not tubular, black rod blanks. They are durable but surprisingly light. We offer grade A cork tapered for a warm comfortable feel in your hand. A quality rod with the same characteristics as a custom rod but half the price.

Options for All

Commander Rods' Rod Rack Display

Commander Rods CRS28IUL


The 28" Commander Rods ultra lite is the ultimate lite bite rod. You can fish the lightest of jigs with this rod. It offers a very light tip with an eye detecting orange ball on the end, but plenty of backbone that loads up quick.

Commander Rods CRS28IL

Rod: CRS28IL

The 28" Lite by Commander Rods is a step up from the ultra lite with a quicker tip and more backbone to use a little bigger jig or a slip bobber set up.

Commander Rods CRS32IML


The 32" Medium Lite by Commander Rods gives you a little more length and backbone to jig lures and spoons or for use with larger minnows on a slip bobber set up. It has the muscle and an incredibly sensitive tip for fish with teeth.

Rod Warranty Information


One year limited warranty with receipt on materials and workmanship. If the issue is from factory defect, we will replace the rod for a processing fee of $10.


$50 replacement warranty (plus shipping) for defects on all rods if after one year or without receipt. We will do our best to help with all your Commander Rod concerns.

How do I make a rod warranty claim?

If you are certain that your broken rod is due to some type of manufacturer's defect and your rod is under the designated warranty period here is what you need to email (info@profishingoutdoors.com) to us:

  1. Photo of the rod clearly showing the model directly above the handle
  2. Photo clearly showing the broken area(s) of the rod
  3. Copy of your original receipt or proof of purchase
  4. A brief description of how your rod broke
  5. Your address and a daytime telephone number

When we receive the above info we will inspect the claim. Please do not throw away your broken rod until your claim has been fully processed because we may require that you ship your rod back to us in some situations.

Rods under warranty will be replaced for a processing fee of $10.00 US. We will contact you directly to take payment, which can be made by phone via credit card. In the event your model of rod is no longer manufactured or is currently unavailable, we will also give you a call to discuss your replacement options.

What if I accidentally broke my rod or it is out of the warranty period?

Everyone has broken a rod by accident. If that happens we are going to replace your broken rod for $50.00 (plus shipping) and get you back on the water.

If you broke your rod by accident send us the same information listed above in the warranty claim section. We will take your information and be in touch regarding replacement options.

That’s it, easy as that; we are committed to keeping you fishing.

Double Dancer Lures: Top Performing Spoon Lures

The design and action of this lure is so unmatched by anything on the market today. It has its own unique U.S. patent #357,053. The award-winning distinctive shape gives it a subtle yet erratic action that triggers strikes regardless of whether you cast it, troll it, or jig it. It is effective summer or winter. The Double Dancer has been proven extraordinarily effective for walleye, trout, salmon, pike, panfish, and bass. Each pack includes two mustad hooks; one single and one treble to satisfy your preference. It is the first truly environmentally friendly spoon that is 100% lead free.

Commander Rods stocks ¼ oz Double Dancer Lures in a range of colors (see below). Contact us for other colors and sizes.

Silver Double Dancer Lure

Lure: Silver


Gold Double Dancer Lure

Lure: Gold


Blue Double Dancer Lure

Lure: Blue


Red Double Dancer Lure

Lure: Red


Chartreuse Double Dancer Lure

Lure: Chartreuse


Pink Double Dancer Lure

Lure: Pink


Gear and Accessories to Enhance Your Outdoor Activities

BugBand Insect Repellent

BugBand Natural Insect Repellent products are some of the most popular natural insect repellents in the world… and they are 100% DEET free.

According to laboratory and field studies by the University of Florida in Gainesville, Geraniol, the active ingredient in BugBand natural Insect Repellent, has been proven effective in repelling a wide variety of insects, including mosquitoes, house flies, stable flies, horn flies, cockroaches, fire ants, fleas, gnats, dog ticks, lone star ticks, and no-see-ums. This means that BugBand Natural Insect Repellent makes a great natural alternative to DEET insect repellents.

Perfect for when you need heavy-duty protection, BugBand spray lotion does not contain any propellants, but relies on a highly effective metered pump sprayer to dispense a fine mist over the area to be treated. By spraying the BugBand liquid directly on clothing or skin, the Geraniol vapors form a protective barrier to deter blood-sucking insects from biting. It is ideal for uses around the ankles, wrist or neck, where insects tend to invade clothing. Use once for hours of insect protection.

3 oz. BugBand Insect Repellent

Gear: 3 oz. BugBand Insect Repellent


6 oz. BugBand Insect Repellent

Gear: 6 oz. BugBand Insect Repellent