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Real Fishermen Producing Impressive Rods

When unyielding determination and passion pair together with the right people, remarkable things can happen. This is definitely the case when it comes to Commander Rods. When husband and wife team, Glen and Belinda Wink, paired their passion with that of walleye pro Pete Harsh, the wheels were set in motion for the development of a truly high performance fishing rod available at an affordable price.

Each rod we sell is heavily tested by us for performance and quality to make sure you’re receiving a rod that stands the test of time cast after cast. We carry an inventory of gear for all skill levels, from beginner anglers to guides and professionals competing in tournaments. Whatever your fishing goals, we will find the perfect set-up for you to get on the water and Feel the Bite! We are here to answer any questions you have about our rods and tackle so drop us a line, we’re always happy to chat with other fishing enthusiasts!

What Makes Our Rods Different?

Undeniable Specifications

High-end Fuji Guides with black stainless steel frame and alconite inserts that are double wrapped and sealed for better strength and stability for fighting those big trophy fish.


Premium Quality Grade-A Cork. Meaning easier to clean with no substitute mixtures that can cause large pores, crumbling, or deaden sensitivity.


Sleek, durable, balanced reel seats for a nice snug fit; moved forward giving you more cork for your hand and less metal and plastic to hang onto… especially beneficial in colder weather conditions. High modules IM8 quality graphite for extreme sensitivity.


The hook keeper is move up and out of the way so you can put your finger on the blank instead of the wrap, allowing for even more sensitivity.



High Modulus IM8 with Scratch-Resistant Finish High-Quality Double Wrapped and Sealed Guides Premium Reel Seats Ergonomic Handles

Real Fisherman Reviews

man holding up a walleye

"Commander Rods turn a questionable light bite into, Get the Net!! I'm an avid tournament angler fishing the Cabela's Master's Walleye Circuit. When I'm not fishing tournaments I'm a fishing guide and want the best dependable equipment for my customers. When I think of rods it has to be Commander Rods. They have a sensitivity second to none. Contact me for any questions on Facebook or my cell 320-248-8747."

Shaun Zenzen

Tournament Fisherman, Cabela's Master's Walleye Circuit
man holding up a fish

"Commander Rods are some of the best sticks I have ever used, lightweight, sensitive but yet very strong. There are many applications for the rod. They are great Multi-Species rods and work well with various techniques. I fish bass tournaments and do a lot of guiding, and these rods perform every time for me. If you are looking to purchase a quality fishing rod, look no further, Commander Rods should be your first choice. Contact me for any questions at douglas.guy@hotmail.com."

Doug Hanson

Tournament Fisherman (Bass) and Fishing Guide
man holding up a large fish out on the lake

"Commader Rods are sensitive and durable. I used the Crossover Series rod called the Wicked to pull in one of the biggest muskies of my life! It is perfect for light muskie tackle for the fisherman that doesn't want to break the bank but wants a quality rod. I also used the Crossover Series rod called the Pulse. It is sensitive with a moderate fast tip, perfect for tubes and other light, and more finesse ways of fishing bass. I'm also one of the captains for the fishing club at our local High School and work at Christopherson's Bait in Alexandria, MN."


Fishing Club Captain and Young Fishing Enthusiast
man holding up a bass caught with Commander Rods gear

"The 6'6" Pete Harsh Series rod has been a great all-around rod for me. From casting floats for Panfish and Walleye, all the way to flipping worms for Bass. It has the perfect balance of sensitivity in the tip to detect subtle bites, along with a solid backbone to drive the hook sets home. "

"The 7'10" Wicked is a great workhorse for fishing heavy slop or top water for Bass. The length provides you with plenty of leverage to make running top water baits a breeze. It really shines when punching jigs through heavy weed patches. Where the great qualities of length, sensitivity, and backbone come together perfectly to get the fish up and out quickly."

Jason Vande Steeg

Minnesota Master Angler
Man in Commander Rods gear standing infront of boat with Commander Rods decal

"After many years being frustrated searching for the ideal rod I've finally found it with Commander Rods. The sensitivity is comparable to none. The lightweight design makes a day on the water holding a rod effortless. The quality that you get is better than others costing more than twice as much. Whether pulling a crankbait, jigging, fishing slip bobber, or using a live bait rig you can't go wrong. Any questions, you can find me on Facebook or rrosenfield@hotmail.com"

Richard Rosenfield

Fishing Enthusiast

"Whether jigging with the 6'1" or live bait rigging with the 7' spinning rods, the feel and sensitivity of Commander Rods led my partner and me to several high finishes in the AIM weekend walleye series."

Steve Whiting

Tournament Fisherman, AIM Weekend Walleye Series

"I started using Commander Jigging Rods (CRS601S model Fast Action 6'1, 1/8 - 1/2 oz) this spring [2013] on the Detroit River. If there is any place in North America to test these superior rods, it's the Detroit River in April. From 3 pound walleye to 12 pounders, the Commander Jigging Rod outperformed my expectations. The Commander has everything you want in a high-quality rod; backbone for quick solid sets and a fast action tip to play out the fish. Fishing several walleye tournaments each year from the Illinois River to Lake Michigan's Bay's De noc and my favorite places the Detroit River and Lake Erie, I was impressed with the beating these rods took in my boat. What is impressive is the quality of the rod for the price. You would pay hundreds of dollars for this quality with any other top brand rod builder. I would recommend these rods to any angler. Good Fishing."

Jerry Plourde

Occasional Tournament Fisherman and Avid Walleye Angler
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